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Happy Mother’s Day!

Katy McKinleyComment


Alright, so the picture is completely unrelated to Mother’s Day…but I thought it was cute.  We took the puppies out yesterday to stretch their legs on Willow Glen’s gorgeous front yard and learned how ridiculous it is to try and play Frisbee with two dogs.

We had a nice brunch with Mary, the three Davids (haha), Meredith, Alice, Annie and Davey to celebrate Mother’s Day.  I’ll have to say that the food was good….but those desserts were AMAZING.  There were literally more desserts to chose from than were entrees.  My kind of meal, haha.

Other than that, Bennett and I would like to wish a **big** Happy Mother’s Day to every mommy out there!!  (I miss you Mom!!  Can’t wait to see you in a month!)