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Fairness in WV.

Katy McKinleyComment
The Kanawha County Board of Education (KCBOE) is set to adopt a modern diversity policy in its schools that includes sexual orientation. This is an important step to protecting ALL our children.

But the out-of-state hate mongerers, masquerading as the "voice of families," are trying to pressure the school board with outright lies and hateful propaganda. They go so far as to state that the policy would promote "homosexual behavior." The only thing the policy would promote is tolerance for everyone. Kids don't choose to be gay, and no one should be subject to irrational hate just because of the way they're born.

Here's are a few things you can do to help:

Register your support for the policy at the KCBOE website. The deadline for public comment is July 1. Or, call General Counsel James Withrow at (304) 348-7730.

Call or email Kanawha Schools Superintendent Dr. Ron Duerring at 304-348-7730 and tell him you support this policy.

Email your comments for this policy to the other members of the KCBOE:
The board members need to hear from you. Every day, kids who are gay--or perceived to be gay--are bullied and harassed. We need to make sure that every child is treated with the respect they deserve. Your calls and emails can help make that happen in Kanawha County.