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Just a teaser...

Katy McKinleyComment
Until Bennett and I can sort through the bazillion photos we've been given from our wedding weekend, I'll try and put a few pictures online here and there.

We received our professional photos from the photographer yesterday and couldn't be happier with the results. Mary let us know that she cried again after looking through them...which means that Don Feenerty really captured our day in the best way possible.

Now we've got a ton of thank yous to write and more photos to sort through for the next few days (weeks??).

I'm actually heading out of town on Saturday for a bridal shower in Virginia...apparently real life doesn't stop after the wedding. Darn. I was hoping it would. We've still got jobs to do, houses to clean, places to travel and bills to pay. But now we get to do it as a married couple, so it does take some of the worries away from it all. :) I'm still walking on Cloud 9...and I'm hoping I don't have to come down from it for a while.