Wild & Wanderful

Friends, Food and Fireworks.

Katy McKinleyComment

That’s how we spent our 4th of July weekend. :)  Bennett and I had Willow Glen to ourselves this year for the holiday and we had a couple of friends over to help us grill some yummy steaks, drink some Yeungling and play with some fireworks.  (No porches were burned down either!!)


Thank God we’ve found some friends that are just as silly as we are.  We do all we can to hold onto the childish wonders of things….including sparklers. 


We also figured out how to mess with the ISO speed on my digital camera…and we discovered that we can take some pretty awesome pictures.  The one above is pretty cool, but I really don’t think anyone could EVER beat the Mountaineer pride version of sparkler-playing.  Go WVU!