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Have no fear, we’re still here!

Katy McKinley2 Comments

I just now realized that it’s almost been an entire week since I wrote on here….and it’s kinda late, so I’ll just put something up here to appease the masses. :)

We had a GREAT time in Fort Wayne.  The ride there and back, not so much.  But while we were there for the visit, it was amazing.  I don’t know how/why my siblings and I all choose to live a million miles away from each other.  Maybe it’s so we can have wonderful mini-vacations like the one in FW.

I’m headed to bed, but not before I put up this picture of the puppies cuddling in the backseat on the smokey-car journey to Indiana.  They were so good.  And they are even cuter than I knew was possible!IMG_3718