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Hello July, Goodbye June!

Katy McKinleyComment
Holy cow! It's July already?

I hardly remember anything in June, haha. It was one of the most amazing months of my life, but it went so quickly that it was hard to really comprehend what happened during it. Thank God we took a lot of pictures. :)

Now Bennett and I are attempting to re-adjust to the real world. We're both working, figuring out class schedules for the fall and trying to squeeze in family/friend time. Hopefully we'll be making a trip to visit Sierra and Nick at their new house in Indiana. I still have yet to meet her new puppy!!

I talked with my friend Stephanie on the phone last night and that conversation made me want to be in Michigan immediately. Her and her husband are expecting a baby anytime now, I believe that her due date is one week from yesterday, but Steph's convinced that Caleb is going to be late and make her suffer. She said she's had some talks with him already...but she just has a feeling. Haha. I want to see Steph so badly and I cannot wait to meet the little one!! I tried to talk her into creating a blog, but it was a dead end because she claims she's not computer literate enough for a blog. I think anyone can do it!

I've also started an attempt to put together an album from the wedding pictures. It is probably one of the biggest tests of my creative genius I've ever had. :) We decided to create two different albums: one for the showers/guestbook/rehearsal and one for the wedding day. I've almost finished the first one, I haven't even begun to start thinking about the wedding day book. With just the showers and the guestbook from the wedding, we're already at 145 pages. Sheesh! I'm waiting for Dad to send me the photos he took during that weekend before I tackle the rest of it...but that's a lot of book already! Oh well...it's all about the memories, right?