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Ice covered ground?? In July??

Katy McKinleyComment
Yesterday was one of the craziest forms of Mother Nature that I have seen in a long time...or maybe even ever. I probably can't explain it as well as Bennett, but I'll make an attempt. We got some video footage that I'm hoping I remember to put up here tonight so you all can see what we're talking about.

Around noon yesterday, it started raining and HAILING like crazy for about 30/40 minutes. At least in the neighborhood that we live in did. Two miles away at work, there wasn't a drop of moisture....

The hail was so intense that it literally beat the crap out of all the trees, creating a blanket of half-leaves all over the roads. Willow Glen's normally black driveway was green the entire way across. And when you looked to your right as you continued up the driveway, the ground had huge patches of white. It looked exactly like it had snowed. Crazy!

When Bennett drove in to pick me up for lunch yesterday...I have never seen a car look like his did. It looked like he tried to drive through an angry tree. :) The car was also covered in leaves and his entire hood was coated with pellets of ice. I laughed so hard.

Hopefully it doesn't happen again today, I don't think the trees could handle another beating like that. I'll work on posting the video tonight...