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Weather, festivals and such….

Katy McKinleyComment

Bennett and I have been so irritated with Mother Nature because she’s giving us such CRAP weather.  It’s really starting to get me down because the sun doesn’t shine quite as bright as it should be….and my summer dress wearing season is turning into long pants.  Hopefully it ends soon and we can get back to warm weather!!

This weekend is the Italian Festival here in Wheeling and we went to check out the festivities last night with a few of our friends.  When I say “check out the festivities” I really meant we went to go drink some beer and eat some greasy food.  I’m pretty sure you can gain five pounds from just smelling all of the food there.  They even have these things called deep fried oreos….which are pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  (Side note: we didn’t eat any sweets this year, we were good.  Last year however, we were not so good.  Haha.)  About those oreos though, they dip two oreos in funnel cake batter and then deep fry them.  Wow. 

Otherwise, our weekend has been pretty easy-going.  Not that I want to admit being a couch potato, but that is what I have been for this entire day.  Sometimes you just need a day full of nothing.  I mean, I’ve been spending it with my hubby and our sweet little doggies so I can’t really say my time has been wasted at all.2009.07.18 This is a picture that Dad sent me the other day of MaKale and I felt the need to share it.  I seriously don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cuter baby in my life.  He is ADORABLE.  (And he totally looks like a Boltze!)