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Gone but not forgotten.

Katy McKinleyComment

I have to admit that I haven’t been very good lately at keeping up on the blog….which is what someone also reminded me of tonight at dinner. :)

Bennett and I have been in cleaning mode at our house…trying to make it more live-able instead of just having our crap thrown in every corner of every room.  Plus, we’ve been trying to retire all of our old household items and actually replace them with the great gifts we received for our wedding. 

It’s come to our attention that George Michael is not a fan of change.  Our house is basically being torn apart so we can almost start over and piece it back together.  Georgie is not digging it.  He’s been VERY mopey and spending most of his time in our bedroom.  After scaring him with fireworks on the fourth of July, he hasn’t exactly been welcoming anything out of the ordinary.  Even when people come over to our house and step outside to smoke their cancer sticks, he won’t go with them.  I think he either associates those particular people with the loud fireworks noises, or he associates smoke with it.  Either way, it breaks my heart to see him mope around.

Otherwise, there hasn’t been much exciting in the lives of Bennett and Katy.  We are just enjoying our second month of married bliss with our darling pupsters.  I promise that I won’t neglect everyone and our blog anymore….I just haven’t had much that can be deemed exciting to share with the world.

Hopefully everyone is healthy and doing well!!  We miss all of our long-distance relatives. :)