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My new best friends.

Katy McKinley3 Comments

Who would they be?  My Nike running shoes.

I have been doing my best to walk at least two miles a night…to take part of the weight loss effort that I’ve been putting forth.  I will admit that I haven’t been walking and exercising as much as I probably should, but considering that I didn’t walk AT ALL before this, anything is an improvement.IMG_3977

I bought these shoes during my freshman year at WVU and they are almost like new.  If that isn’t a pathetic admission of laziness, I’m not sure what is.

The good thing about that is I am a new woman!  With the support of my amazing husband, mother and mother-in-law (and Weight Watchers too!!), I have walked off ten pounds in the last three weeks.  And I am darn proud of myself as well!!

With a little more effort, a few more miles in my Nikes and a little more time, I can see myself hitting my goal (or better!).  Why didn’t I do this before the wedding came around? :)