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My new project…

Katy McKinleyComment


While the boys (Bennett and David) were out golfing, Mary and myself found ourselves exploring crafting stores.  Honestly, we spent at least two hours between Crafts 2000 and JoAnns.  It was a pretty amazing way to spend my Sunday afternoon. :)

The new project that I’ve decided to get myself into is reupholstering our couches.  They’ve taken quite the beating from moving several times and having the dogs on and off of them all of the time.  The fabric is REALLY worn down and honestly, the colors don’t go with the scheme of our house.  Haha….the latter is probably the real reason why I’m doing this.  Plus, I’m crazy and like torturing myself with nearly impossible projects.

So…I just need to go find some appropriate staples for my super duper staple gun….and I’ll be starting on the first footrest tomorrow.  Hopefully it goes over well and doesn’t end in us buying a new couch because I’ve destroyed this one.  Haha.  Think good thoughts for me!