Wild & Wanderful

Productivity at it’s finest.

Katy McKinleyComment

Bennett and I had a super productive Sunday!  (Finally, haha.)  We took the dogs for a long walk at Oglebay Resort, went and got library cards and checked out some books, and then did about four weeks worth of dirty laundry.  All in all, I’d say that it was our most productive day in a long time.  Here are a few pictures from our fun with the pups:IMG_4222


We’re trying to teach the dogs how to walk like civilized canines on leashes.  It’s a struggle, to say the least.  They’re just spoiled with the great outdoors that they have at Willow Glen….we’re to blame for not working with them more on it.











Maeby really enjoyed Schenk Lake.  I’m fairly certain that she didn’t enjoy a single part of our park-like excursion until we allowed her to take a dip.  What a water dog! :)








Such a cute moment to capture on camera!  Bennett always remembers to pack the dogs a thermos filled with ice water…and they really love it.  Sharing is caring in our family!  Haha.






Otherwise, it is the end of Day One for school for this household.  I had quite the long day, starting at 8am with work and going non-stop until 8:15pm with school.  It was worth it because I got home to a delicious meal cooked by my live-in chef.  He really is the greatest hubby ever.

I believe Bennett is dreading tomorrow because he has a load of back-to-back classes that he could do without.  He kind of had it easy today, starting his day at 10:00 with golf lessons.  I can’t wait until school is done and over with for the both of us, and we can have semi-regular schedules.  I feel like all of these things are really cutting down on Katy-and-Bennett time.  Remember….we still like each other!! :)