Wild & Wanderful


Katy McKinley3 Comments

So….even if nobody believed in me (and I didn’t fully believe in myself), I have actually made some progress on the re-upholstering project that I’ve taken upon myself.  The couch may look pretty silly right now with the multi-fabric look, but I think it’s already starting to shape up.  And it only took me one night to do the back!!

Now we only have to hope that JoAnns will keep my fabric in stock and our household doesn’t get any more injuries.  I’ve got two pretty decent stab wounds from a pin being dragged across my arm and hand…and Bennett stepped on a rogue pin that was on the floor.  I thought I was being careful!

The pin on the floor was probably the work of my mischievous little puppy, George Michael.  I found him on our bed, pulling the pins one-by-one from the pin cushion that he got his little paws on.  Little stinker!!