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Katy McKinley2 Comments


I guess that it’s about time we put up a new picture of Bennett and me. :)

As you can see, not much has changed with us…Bennett got some spiffy new specs and I am a little more of a redhead.  Otherwise, same old McKinley newlyweds.

School starts on Monday for us, so we’ve been making last minute changes to our schedules and such.  I’ve been awarded with a couple of grants that cover my tuition for this and next semester…so I’m a lucky girl that I won’t be having to pay for my schooling.  SO AMAZING.  I’ve never had free money before and I feel incredibly blessed to have these grants.  I wasn’t originally planning on being a full-time student (because I’ll still be working full time) but because of the grants, I have to go full-time.  My load will be a little heavier than expected, but I’ll be getting done sooner than I thought.

Let’s give a big cheer for free grant money!!  HOORAH!!  WHOOP-IE!! :)