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Happy Birthday, Bug!!

Katy McKinleyComment

It is officially the 21st birthday of my sweet little sister, Sierra.  I really hate that I cannot be with her to officially celebrate this monumental occasion, but I did send her some ridiculous things (beer goggles, a tiara, a birthday sash, etc) for her to wear during her outing.  She can legally drink now!! :)

I thought that I would share a video of her when she was a more innocent little one….although it was super hard to find anything that didn’t have Billy and me shoving our faces into the camera as well.  (Okay…so I was the one constantly trying to steal the limelight, Billy was always hiding from the camera.  Things haven’t changed much, have they?)

So Bug, I just hope that you’ve had a really great and SAFE night in celebration of your 21st Birthday.  We’re sending huge e-hugs from West Virginia!!

Love you!!