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New Beginnings

Katy McKinley2 Comments
Yes, I am still here...It's just difficult to find motivation to blog when no one ever comments on my posts! I understand no one loves me. Anyways, I've put aside those feelings to come and tell everyone that the Capitol Theatre (yes we're all British here) in Wheeling, WV is open again!

The Capitol first opened in 1928 and had the second-longest running radio station, following behind the Grand Ole Opry. Jamboree USA and Wheeling's symphony was held in the theatre making it a cultural staple to Wheeling. Huge country artists, big name comedians and famous magicians and other performers have all graced the stage. Now...all you country fans don't start
thinking you've brought me over to that dark side. I still don't like country. However,
the Capitol is a landmark and something that could potentially help save downtown Wheeling. The theatre was closed in 2007 because they failed an annual safety inspection. They remained closed until Wheeling's CVB (which I could be working for in January) bought the building and brought in volunteers to bring it up to code.

Now, the symphony will be held in it's home again, Linsly's Extravaganza (which is my high school's annual variety show) is going to be back in the Capitol and hopefully many other performances will become a regular thing. Tonight's performance was by the books a variety show. We saw a new age country band, a bluegrass band, a comedian, a rapper, a magician, a jam band, an opera singer, a rock group, dancers, a doo-wop band, an acting company, and an old style country singer named the Wheeling Cat. Now, not everyone was top-notch...but a lot of them made an impression on me. For instance, I will most definitely be looking into performances by Robby Parsons and the Bootleggers...they were great. Katy and I got a kick out of watching all the grey hairs plugging their ears when the rapper "Slick" Watts came out. I think it was brilliant having that kind of variety, because although it was primarily grey hairs...there were younger people that would be interested in those kind of shows. (DISCLAIMER: there is nothing wrong with grey hairs, in fact I have several)

The only thing I would have liked improved about tonight would be if there were a bar or restaurant near the Theatre. A drink and bite to eat would be perfect after and/or before a show. This is a long process that involves a complete revival and renovation of the downtown infrastructure....I'll get working on it.

So, hopefully there will be some more great performances in this amazing venue and who knows maybe DJ B-Net will perform there someday.