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WVU vs. Liberty

Katy McKinleyComment


Not that we were EVER worried, but WVU won in their season opener.  Waaaahooo!! :)  We were so happy for our Mounties win, as well as our ‘big win’ for being able to spend time with some friends we haven’t seen since the wedding in June.

The picture here is of me with my girlfriends, Becky Roberts and Jessie Willard.  You might recognize Jessie from wedding pictures…she was one of our amazing bridesmaids.  Her parents own a condo across the road from the stadium in Morgantown and it tends to be where we tailgate during football season.  If you see the flying WV in the background…they’ve created a ‘haven’ for Mountaineer fans by painting West Virginia colors and symbols all over the garage walls.  Pretty awesome, if you ask me!

Bennett and I are now being lazy bums (what else is new, haha) because our little day trip to Morgantown kicked our butts.  Man we’re getting old, huh?