Wild & Wanderful

An Indiana Experience

Katy McKinleyComment

For the holiday weekend, Bennett and I decided to go spend it with Sierra and Nick out in Indiana.  It was a MUCH more successful trip than the first time we went out there – only because Bennett’s car wasn’t spitting smoke the ENTIRE time we drove.  It was very uneventful, as far as the driving was concerned, and that’s a very good thing.


Sierra and Nick took us out to this restaurant called Rum Runners and it was a pretty great time.  The bar was seemingly empty for a Friday night, but the entertainment was awesome.  It’s a dueling piano bar and we certainly did all we could to sing along to the songs, but were totally called out by the performers because we mumbled through a bunch of words that we didn’t know. 

Sierra and I have always and will always continue to blame our mother for that.  Mom is notorious for not knowing words to songs and just mumbling through it, or making up her own words.  I’m not as bad as her and Sierra are, but I’ve certainly acquired some of that skill.

During one point, the people we were with decided to give Bennett and me a special “treat” by having the performers call us up on stage and have an all-out battle against each other during the song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  Bennett might have a different story to tell, but I TOTALLY beat him.  He used the excuse that he hasn’t done that in ages, but it’s not like I spend hours every week practicing just in case someone might put me on stage and test me on it.  Haha – no excuses, McKinley!


If only we had a teleporter that would allow us to visit more often, without making the 4/5 hour drive to see the Bug and Nick.  We always spend the entire time we’re together laughing and making fun of each other (which causes more laughing) so it’s always such a great time.  Plus, our dogs act like they have to play with each other until they cannot play anymore…so it’s fun to see the little guys running around having as much fun as we are.