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Pumpkin carvin’ fools!

Katy McKinley1 Comment

Bennett and I finally got the chance to kick off the autumn season with pumpkin carving at David & Meredith’s house.  Mary and David B. also joined in on the festivities and we were treated with super yummy apple cider, fresh pumpkin seeds and the Steelers winning a tough football game.  A pretty good Sunday, if you ask me.IMG_4928

Somehow, Bennett and I picked this incredibly impossible pumpkin to carve – it seriously wouldn’t even allow us to cut through the top in order to begin gutting it!  I’ve never run into such a thing in all of my pumpkin-carving days.  :)

I had a lot of fun today and I think I can speak for Bennett when I say that he did as well.  It’s always fun to get back to your childhood roots by reaching into the inside of a cold pumpkin and pulling out the gooey guts.  Seriously….can you think of anything better to be doing on a beautiful Sunday?