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…and baby makes THREE!

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Hopefully Bennett and I have reached out to everyone as of now, but if we haven’t here’s our exciting announcement:


We’d originally set on the idea that we weren’t going to tell anyone besides our parents until we saw the doctor and he gave us the go ahead that everything was okay (my first appointment is January 4).  And then, we decided that we should tell our siblings…..but after telling all of our siblings and having them share in our excitement, there was no way we were able to keep our little secret anymore.  We were addicted to people’s reactions.

Bennett and I were never very good at keeping surprises from anyone, especially each other.  He proposed to me early and we have successfully given each other Christmas/Birthday/Valentines Day presents earlier than the actual day.  It’s just like us to announce our pregnancy earlier than we had hoped.  :)  Why break tradition??

We are VERY excited, nervous, happy, elated, apprehensive, overwhelmed….pretty much every emotion that you could possibly have at the same time is happening to the both of us.  Even if this little bundle of joy wasn’t in our plans quite yet, we couldn’t have a better early-Christmas present to share with everyone else.  

Week 5 - 2009.12.22

So here’s the first of many pictures of my side-profile.  I’ve recently lost 40-lbs and have been pretty proud of my current physique, but I have a feeling that I can kiss it goodbye for the next year or so.  Maybe Weight Watchers will do me wonders the second time around when I’m post-baby because I’m pretty sure they’re going to kick me out of the program once they find out I’m preggers.  I’m really not quitting!!  Just taking a break for a bit!

As far as my health, I’m feeling fine.  I’ve been a little more tired than normal and I feel nauseas from time-to-time….but other than that, I’m feeling great.  We’ve figured out that I’m five weeks along and our estimated due date is August 24 – so we’ve got just under 8 months to figure out what in the world we’ve gotten ourselves into.  I am so lucky to have married such a sweet guy, pretty much one day after we found out, he ordered himself an “expecting father” book and has already taken to reading the first two chapters.  Even if he doesn’t finish the book, I think he’s earned MAJOR bonus points in the good husband department.

I promise to post something on here at least once a week about our baby progress.  We’ve already been browsing just about every baby website that’s out there and we’re finding all sorts of gems of information.  Ultimately, I’m eager to see the doctor so he can give us truth/myths about the things we’ve been reading.  Strangely enough, the thing I’m most interested in hearing about is how he feels about me eating sushi.  Bennett and I have read mixed reviews about it…but I feel like I’m already giving up a lot of things I like (beer, wine, caffeine…) that asking me to stop eating my occasional sushi is just pushing it. :)