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It’s Snowing! It’s Snowing!

Katy McKinley3 Comments

Finally, Wheeling has seen snow accumulation for the winter of 2009.  And just in time for Christmas!  We were able to sleep in today and woke up to a BEAUTIFUL winter wonderland.  The mountains surrounding our cozy little home are covered in beautiful white and it’s really starting to feel (and look) a lot like Christmas.  We thought the dogs would love an outdoor day so Bennett and I put on some layers and took them out for some playtime.  It was really fun – and the sights around Willow Glen’s property are to die for.  As long as I’m not driving on snow-covered roads, I’ll take snow any day.  It’s just so pretty.



I truly love taking the dogs with us when we’re in the woods,  it is just so much fun to see them enjoy Mother Nature to it’s true extent.  I didn’t get a good picture of it, but I absolutely LOVE when I look over and the pups have white faces and noses from dipping them into the snow on the ground.  Maeby also loves eating the snow out of my hands or when I throw a ball in the air, she does everything in her power to snap her jaws around it and defeat that snowball.  Too cute.  Seriously.

It looks like we’ve got only one more day to enjoy this winter wonderland until I have to go back to work for the week, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to go and play again tomorrow.