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The Fabulous McKinleys

Katy McKinley2 Comments


McKinley & Associates celebrated another successful year by having a party at the Stratford Springs restaurant this past weekend.  David wasn’t exactly sure on the number, but this is the company’s 25-ish year celebrating with food, drinks and laughter.  Pretty cool if you ask me. :)  Don’t those four McKinleys look pretty snazzy all dressed up?

As far as other activities, we’ve had a busy December so far.  Billy has been in for his second round of chemotherapy in OVMC and it went by as uneventfully as chemo can be.  He was there Tuesday thru Thursday and Bennett and I did our best to keep him entertained while he was there.  I can’t imagine it being incredibly fun to sit in a hospital bed for three days straight, but he got through it and hopefully won’t have to do this too many more times.

Bennett and I have been working hard at finishing this semester of classes.  West Liberty won’t be seeing me up there until next semester starts…and I’m happy to not make that drive for a little while.  Even if classes are out, it’s not exactly like life will slow down.  We’ve been diligently preparing ourselves for Christmas (and part of us is excited for it to be here and gone…).  Our house finally feels like Christmas because we put up our tree on Friday, with Billy’s help.  Well – they carried the tree into the house and I decorated it.  I guess that’s helping.

As Christmas grows closer, I’ll try and keep up with this darn blog with pictures and such.  It’s hard to be away from so many of our family members during the holiday season – but it’s always fun to see the decorations/parties they involve themselves in.