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McKinley for Congress

Katy McKinley1 Comment

mckinley-2010-button1  For those of you whom I haven’t told yet – David McKinley (my father-in-law) is running for a seat in the 1st Congressional District West Virginia.  And honestly, we couldn’t be more excited!!  He announced his candidacy last week, has assembled most of his campaign staff…and he and the family are ready for the ride of their lives.

David is incredibly passionate about West Virginia and I really feel like he will make a positive difference in this state and in D.C.  I never once thought I’d have connections in the US Congress, so I’m still having a hard time getting my mind completely wrapped around it.  (But this isn’t about me now, is it?)

I encourage everyone to show your support through facebook, his page is easy to find if you search “McKinley for Congress”….or just click the link I’ve formed here.  Also, he’s got a shiny new website all set up that we encourage everyone to check out:  www.mckinley2010.com


In other news……well, there really isn’t any.  Bennett and I have been praying for spring to come – or at least I have been.  We’ve had a bit of snow fall all over the Wheeling area and I could do without it to be honest.  It freaks me out when I’m riding in the car, I have to wear big, ugly boots and it’s freaking cold.  Why can’t it be Spring or Fall all year long?  I’m not for cold or hot, I want cool.  Is that so much to ask?  Really!

I’ve been kinda sick the last couple of days, but apparently it’s really nothing to worry about.  The little bean is making my life a bit more complicated, but I guess they’re just getting me ready for when they actually come and turn my life upside down completely.  :)  Oh boy.  It’s a good thing Bennett is so patient and understanding, because he may have to pray for MORE patience and understanding by the end of these nine months.  What has he gotten himself into?