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A few random things.

Katy McKinleyComment

First of all – I figured I’d put up yet another picture of me from the side.  Welcome week 21!!

Week 21 - 2010.04.13

Secondly, we’ve got our Light the Night walk tomorrow.  This will be the second year that we’ve participated in the fundraiser and I’m pretty proud of our ability to raise even more  money than we did last year.  Also, our friend Katie has joined the ranks and will be walking alongside us in support of the brave people fighting/surviving blood cancers.  I’ve got one more day to collect as much money as I can….who’s with me??

If you’d like to donate, go to this site: http://pages.lightthenight.org/wpa/Wheeling10/KMcKinley  Every little bit helps!

And the last item on my agenda:  Go McKinley for Congress!!  David had a team of experts come in a few weeks ago and shoot footage for his campaign all over Wheeling and this is one of the gems that they created.  I was incredibly impressed with the camera crew and their equipment that I almost forgot that they would be producing something we would actually get to see on tv one day.  :)

The primary election is May 11 and the McKinleys have a team of people out there fighting to win the hearts of the West Virginians in the 1st Congressional District.  I’m still in disbelief that all of this is happening and I can only ask for as much support as possible in his journey.  Check out his latest commercial and join the “McKinley for Congress” facebook group if you haven’t already.