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West Virginia is NO place for hate.

Katy McKinley2 Comments

Unfortunately there have been rumors about the Westboro Baptist Church rearing their ugly heads in Wheeling soon.  I am hoping they decide to just leave the people of Wheeling alone – but after reading just a tiny bit of what they do…I can’t imagine that they’d change their schedules.no place for hate  What horrible people, though! 

While we were driving around today, Bennett and I noticed a lot of signs up around the synagogue near our house stating, “West Virginia is no place for hate.”  After checking it out on the web, it looks like the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce has decided to take on a message of their own, attempting to counteract the negative message the Wesboro people portray.  I’m proud of our state’s chamber to try and show that WV is a place for all people.  Inspiring, really.  Considering how negative of a stereotype we get in the media, etc…it’s nice to see that they can put out a message stating that we are accepting of people.

I talked with Bennett about it for a while and it really saddens me that a group of people would really put this much effort into hating others.  Seriously.  Isn’t it simpler to realize that people are different (different views, backgrounds, religion, etc.) and just move on with your own life instead of focusing your energy in a negative way against them?

I feel like I need to play John Lennon’s “Imagine” just once for them and make them understand the message behind it.  (Yes Meredith, I LOVE that song.  Deal with it, haha.)

So anyway, I’ve read that the group is most certainly going to be hitting up a lot of places in Charleston soon and I’m hoping that the peace-loving groups can counteract their hatred in a positive manner.  Let them know that they will not be tolerated in West Virginia. 

West Virginia is NO place for hate.