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Girlfriends Weekend

Katy McKinleyComment

I had a FABULOUS weekend with a couple of my girlfriends…and I’m just hoping that we can figure out when we can do it again soon!  Becky, Rachel, Jessie and I haven’t been all together since our wedding last June, so it was due time to spend some time together.  Becky lives in Pittsburgh, which is the perfect place for girls to kick up their heels, so we all drove into the city on Friday night.

Friday was spent at Dave & Busters where we tried our darndest to win as many tickets as possible.  I left with two water bottles, two shots glasses and a mini-frisbee for Bennett after I applied my sweet gaming skills towards tickets.  Pretty good, if you ask me.


Today was a date for the four of us at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  It was super windy and a bit chilly but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the animals.  We even got to pet an elephant!!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the picture on my camera so I’ll have to wait until one of the girls emails me a copy.  I think its pretty cool to say that I pet one of the large beauties, but I feel like its even cooler that we have proof. :)


As always, the polar bears and monkeys were my favorite animals to check out.  Bennett will never let me take any of them home so I have to get my fill of them when I visit a zoo.  We’re huge nerds and took pictures of everyone “doing the polar bear”.

All-in-all, I have to say that I LOVED every moment of this weekend and I’m totally exhausted.  When can we do this again, ladies?