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Happy Birthday, Davey!

Katy McKinley1 Comment

Although Thursday was Davey’s actual birthday, we helped celebrate with about fifteen of his school friends this past Saturday.  Can you believe that the little guy is 6 years old?!  Holy cow!  David and Meredith did the coolest thing ever and rented a bouncy house for all of the kiddos.  It was quite a hit – the kids spent the majority of the party inside the bouncing wonder.  We tried getting some pictures of Davey and Annie with their friends bouncing around…but for some reason it seemed like they were more interested in bouncing than posing front and center for a picture.  Weird, huh?  :) 


Here’s the man of the hour himself catching some air.  If I can quote him correctly, Davey at one point said to all of his little buddies that “the party started last night and its not ending until today”!  Too cute.  David and Meredith had better watch out – they’ve already got a party animal on their hands.IMG_2874

This picture is a little on the blurry side but I like it too much not to share with everyone else.  As you can see by his birthday cake, it was Spiderman themed and there were a ton of cute decorations all over the house to complete the theme.  (Meredith always has the cutest decorations for parties!)  I think he was “cha, cha, cha-ing” during this but to me it looks like he’s screaming, “I’m king of the world".  Hehe.  Either way, the munchkin sure knows how to steal the show with his antics.


The birthday party was pretty much the most exciting thing we did all weekend but I’m glad that the two of us were able to share in the fun of turning another year older (while getting older is still something fun for him).  We’ve finally had a break in the weather and have been blessed with sunshine for the last two days.  It’s been raining cats and dogs here lately but Sunday showed us some mercy and we were able to get some outdoor work done around Willow Glen.  Although it probably doesn’t look like we actually did anything, we spent a few hours in the sunshine pulling weeds.  I’m beginning to realize (yet again) how large Willow Glen’s property it…weeding is the ultimate chore on this property, haha.

We had Mary & David to the house to do some backyard grilling and it was really nice to spend some quality time with them.  They’ve been so busy lately with the campaign that it’s hard to steal a moment with them anymore.  When we get the chance to do so, we relish in it.  :)  Plus, cooking on the grill in warm weather is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  Here’s to wishing for more beautiful weather in West “By God” Virginia!!