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Home run hero.

Katy McKinleyComment

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  We had a fantastic day today…filled with sleeping in, watching Davey play baseball and dinner with the McKinley family.  A girl can’t really complain about her first Mother’s Day. :)  Bennett was really struggling to be nice to me all day because he tends to make fun of me more than anything, but he was super sweet with his gift.  Being that we live at Willow Glen and there are no actual Willow trees on the property, he thought it would be perfect to gift me with a Hakuro-Nishiki Dappled Willow.  He says that this way we can “watch it grow as we watch Louis grow”.  I love him.

Bennett brought along the camera for some action shots of Davey while he played baseball.  Let’s just say that our little nephew is quite the Louisville Slugger.  When he had his big hits and ran to home, Davey had quite the cheering section.