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Project McKinley Garden: Successful

Katy McKinley1 Comment

It’s been a long process, but Bennett has (almost) completed our garden.  It’s perfect. :) 

bennett's garden

The poor guy was literally wheeling the dirt down the hill back-and-forth in the wheelbarrow from where it was dropped off to where our plot can be found.  And me?  I watched him do it.  He won’t allow me to do any hard labor, so I get to just sit around and watch him sweat it out.  Haha.  I can’t remember all of the veggies he planted but among them are: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini squash, green beans, watermelon, lettuce, okra, peppers, broccoli and carrots.  I can’t wait until everything starts growing and I can eat something fresh from our garden!!

Also, I’m a day late…but here’s the latest picture of my big ole’ belly.

Week 27 - 2010.05.25