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Third Trimester, here we come!

Katy McKinleyComment

Today was the official kickoff of the last trimester of our pregnancy.  12 weeks until we get to meet Louis…granted he isn’t totally stubborn and decides to stay in the comfort of my belly a little longer.  :)Week 28 - 2010.06.01

Hello huge belly!!  If you look at the picture from last week, I can’t even believe that I’ve grown that much in seven days.  Louis is going to be a MONSTER!!

I had a doctors appointment today and beyond the glucose test (which wasn’t anything at all and I’m not sure why some women try and freak you out about it) it was just a standard checkup.  I’ve hit the point where we have to see Dr. Pizarro every two weeks…and a few visits of that, I’ll be seeing him every week.  I don’t even like going to the doctor!  This is almost torture.

Okay – so its totally not torture because I get to see/hear the little Bean every time I go there.  Today was especially funny because there were some student practitioners during my appointment, one of which had the job of finding Louis’ heartbeat with the fetal heartbeat monitor that they have.  Louis was in quite some mood because he did not want to cooperate…it was quite funny.  Anytime the guy was able to start getting a reading, Louis would kick me and the squirm into a completely different place.  He was being chased all across my tummy and trying to get him to stay still long enough was quite the challenge.  I giggle d a few times, to say the least.  He’s not even born yet and he’s already playing tricks on people like his Uncle Billy does!