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42 Days Until D-Day

Katy McKinleyComment

In case you couldn’t do the math, that means we’ve got six weeks until the due date the the doctor gave us.  Wowzers.  That’s not really much time at all!  Welcome week 34! :)

Week 34 - 2010.07.13

We had another visit with Dr. Pizarro today and it went well.  In a nut shell: he told me I’m getting large, recommended a pediatrician for Louis, found his strong heart beat (140 bpm) and let us know that we will now be seeing him every Tuesday until our little bundle of joy decides to grace us with his presence.  So, business as usual.  :)

Tonight, Mary and David took us out to dinner for my birthday.  Be jealous because we got to eat at our local Japanese steakhouse, Fusion.  Oh boy, is the food good there or what?  Thanks to my in-laws for continuing to spoil me during my birthday week!!  (We get an entire week to celebrate birthdays, right?)