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Birthdays & Baby Things

Katy McKinley1 Comment

Today, I dragged my feet into turning another year older.  I am now the big 2-5, a quarter of a century old and on the fast track to thirty.  Eeek. 

Have I ever mentioned that I found a husband that knows how to treat a girl like a queen?  He got “birthday” doughnuts for the office and picked me up after work and took me out to our local Italian restaurant.  His birthday surprises for me were pretty awesome as well.  The first surprise was a “Mama Mia” massage from the Oglebay Resort.  I just need to schedule the appointment, but I will be treated to a 50-minute maternity massage…and I can’t wait.  What a treat!

After dinner, we went upstairs in Willow Glen to continue our work on Louis’ room.  Over the weekend, we spent several sweaty hours cleaning out the rooms we will be staying in and we’ve done some serious work in two rooms so far.  (Two rooms may not sound like very much but it truly was a lot of work and we are planning on spending every day this week after work getting things ready, as well as our weekends until we can officially move in.)  Louis’ room is the most fun to put together because we get to feel like our “nesting” is really happening.  We’ve started cleaning some of the clothes and hanging them in his future closet with those super cute, super tiny hangers – I get giddy every time I hang something new. 

Here’s a picture of my cutie-pie husband working on piecing the changing table together last night.


We began to wash our gDiapers inserts as well.  Have you ever seen a girl so happy to be cleaning diapers?


After we put the crib together tonight, we decided to call it quits.  Bennett made me walk into WG’s living room with my eyes closed for my second surprise of the night – and this is when I became a huge, sappy pregnant lady.  He had speakers and lights set up and asked me to dance to our wedding song, Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”.  I started weeping.  He is so sweet and romantic.

Best. Birthday. Ever.