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Louis’ 1st Week

Katy McKinleyComment

Little Louis has now been with our little family for 11 days now and he’s had a lot going on.  My mom flew in on Monday and we sadly had to say goodbye to her yesterday – but the five of us (two dogs included!) had a really great time with her here.  Aunt Sierra and Uncle Nick drove in from Indiana late Friday night to meet the little tyke AND see Mom at the same time.  It really worked out great with the timing of everything.


I think Louis and Nana were smitten with each other.  It really was a great help for her to be here.  She took care of the things that we simply did not have the energy to do: laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.  Now that she’s gone, we are wondering how our chores have piled up already.  Babies create a lot of laundry!!  Who knew something so tiny could rule an entire home?


Bennett took this picture on his phone and I have fallen in love with it.  Actually, I think I’ve fallen in love with every picture that we’ve taken in the last11 days.  Can you have too many pictures of a baby?  Because I think we’ve taken about a million so far.  How on earth am I going to scrapbook and sort through all of them??  AHH!!  It almost looks like Louis is giving his momma a kiss.  Almost. :)


Like father, like son?  Bennett and Louis caught a little shut eye one morning on our bed and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this Kodak moment.  I’m sure they woke up soon after this to the delicious smell of Mom’s cinnamon rolls wafting through the house.  We may have gained more weight during Mom’s visit than I did during my entire pregnancy because of those damned cinnamon rolls.  (There might be three pans of rolls in the freezer as well calling my name as I type this.  I need to be strong and resist.)


Because Mom and Sierra were both here at the same time, I thought it was the PERFECT opportunity to take Sierra out to shop for her wedding gown.  It’s very rare that three women from West Virginia, Idaho and Indiana are in the same place at the same time…so why not jump at the opportunity?!  Sierra looked simply stunning in all of the dresses that she tried on and we narrowed it down to two dresses.  I think the sales associate wanted to hear her say “yes” to the dress but she wasn’t quite ready yet.  After reviewing all of the photos at home, I chose the one I liked the best but she gets the final say so I’m excited to see what she ends up with.  Louis went with us on his first shopping trip...I was hoping that maybe acclimating him this early to shopping will make him an easy buddy to take along with me (unlike his father).  He did really well and all of the ladies at Davids Bridal made sure to tell us how cute he is.


This is another picture that melts my heart.  Can you believe the size difference between Bennett and Louis’ hands?  I didn’t know they made hands that tiny.

The sun was shining and it was simply beautiful outside so we made sure to get some family pictures.  Enjoy. :)


IMG_5026 IMG_5035

And finally…a great picture of the McKinley family.  I promise that we didn’t dress in coordinating colors on purpose, it just worked out that way.IMG_5071