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Battle of the Binkie

Katy McKinley1 Comment

I have to say that our son is quite the comedian.  The most we get to “play” with him is when he’s awake and it has to do with his pacifier.  He will take it and then either pull it or spit it out of his mouth and then fuss until we give it back.  His fussing isn’t really fussing in the sense that he’s upset…he just wants his binkie back.  When you try and give it to him, he shakes his head from side to side and makes it nearly impossible – but incredibly cute.  I giggle my way through most of it.  Here’s a video to show just how cute and comedic he really can be, even at 2 1/2 weeks old.

He’s super cute.  This I know. :)

Today we took a trip to the headquarters of McKinley for Congress to their ribbon cutting ceremony.  They were ‘grand  opening’ the new headquarters and celebrating David McKinley’s quest for the congressional seat.  Indiana Congressman Mike Pence joined the campaigners in their support of David and it was really great to see so many people coming out in the middle of the day on a Tuesday to stand behind someone that they want to represent their voice in DC.

Louis went along with us and people couldn’t get enough of him.  Mary even pinned a “McKinley for Congress” pin on his little onesie so Louis could show support for his Papa.  I hate to say it but I think my little guy stole the show – even more so than Congressman Pence or future Congressman McKinley.  (Maybe he didn’t steal it completely but in his mother’s eyes, he totally did.  Haha.)


We lucked out and Louis decided to sleep the majority of the time.  Obviously you can see how happy Grandma Mary is to be holding her little grandbaby – the minute she saw him, she stole him from me.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be a trend for a while.  I should expect not to be holding my son whenever the baby stealers are around.  Haha.