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Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Katy McKinley1 Comment

Louis turned a whopping ONE MONTH old today.  How is it possible that my baby is a month old already?  HOW?!?

Bennett and I decided to take a few pictures of him to commemorate his milestone – I haven’t taken the time to edit them for sharing just yet so I’ll put up a couple tonight.  Somehow time has escaped me (something that’s been happening a lot lately) and I want to make sure I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed for work tomorrow…so I’m not going to take the effort for photo editing tonight.IMG_6293b

I’ve went back to work last week and trust me, it wasn’t easy.  The first day I had to leave Bennett and Louis at home, I cried.  I hear that a lot of women do that so I literally tried to talk myself out of getting emotional.  You know, so I could be stronger than the average mom.  Yeah – that only worked for about the first hour of getting ready for work.  As soon as I had to hand off Louis to his Daddy and kiss them goodbye, I cried like a baby.  It was easier the second day.  I guess easier in the sense that there weren’t any tears but it still kills me to be away from my boys.

The only thing that probably gets me through it is that Bennett is staying home with Louis.  I think this non-traditional role reversal is pretty great.  I mean, I’m incredibly jealous that he gets to stick around the house and be with our little cutie while I’m at work away from them…but it’s probably the only reason that I’m able to make it out of the house every morning.  It’s great to be able to leave your child with his daddy instead of a stranger.  I’m not against daycare but I don’t think I would have been able to do it right away.  Plus this provides for a lot of essential father-son bonding time and I can be down with that.  I’ve only gotten a few calls from Bennett during the day to help out when the baby is crying and he can’t get him to stop.  Otherwise, my hubby is doing AMAZING.

Here’s a picture of our entire family.  All five of us. :)  The puppies have been really great with the newest addition to our family, providing a lot of kisses and snuggles for Louis.  We’ve been really happy with how they’ve been acting toward him and are excited about their future interactions.


Oh…and here’s one last photo to share tonight.  I mentioned my love for cloth diapering with gDiapers and here’s a picture of Louis’ tush in the diapers.  We highly recommend to everyone out there with babies or expecting a new little one to check out gDiapers.  They are so worth it.  In the month that Louis has been in our household, we haven’t even used an entire 40-pack of disposable gInserts yet.  Compared to families using regular disposable diapers, we’ve saved a ton of money and a ton of waste.IMG_6338