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Louis’ first tailgate

Katy McKinleyComment

Today, we made Louis an official Mountaineer fan.  I mean…the kid was a fan before he even came out of the womb but today was the real deal.  Bennett and I decided to take him down to Morgantown to visit with some friends/family before the game and then we headed to Jessie Willie’s house to watch it on the boob tube.  We didn’t think he was quite ready to go into the stadium or else we would have considered scalping some tickets.  (Maybe next season??)

Bennett’s aunt and uncle, Carolyn & Dan, were at the game and we got to introduce our little man to him.  There were a ton of people at their tailgate and every single one of them told us how beautiful our little boy is.  I know that he’s gorgeous but it’s nice to hear it from an outside source.  I mean…I’m always going to think he’s beautiful.  I’m  his mommy, it’s what I do!

Carolyn was quite the baby hog.  We were actually quite impressed with her ability to resist grabbing him at first but once we gave her the go-ahead to get him out of the stroller, she was all over it.  She actually tried to convince us to skip the first half of the game so she could sit with us in the parking lot and hold Louis.  Their daughter Carly is preggo right now and I can only imagine what Carolyn is going to be like when she gets around her grandbaby.  IMG_1947

Papa and Grandma Mary were also on the scene so we got to spend a little bit of time with them.  They’ve been so busy with campaigning lately that we hardly ever see them – it’s kind of sad that we had to drive an hour from home to actually see people we live in the same town as.  Mary is another baby hog (I may have mentioned that before) and she made sure to get some good snuggle time with Louis.  He was such a good baby the entire day, only fussing a little bit when he wanted something.  (Louis, I want you to know that Mom and Dad are very proud of you!)


WVU walked away with another win today and we got to be in Morgantown.  I’d say it was a pretty darn amazing day.  Now it’s time to kick up our feet and watch some TV while trying to coax our little guy to sleep.  I foresee a lot of ‘binky battles’ in my near future.