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Louis is just over two weeks old now and we’ve already reached some milestones in his little life.  :)  First thing to be excited about was that his umbilical cord finally fell off – one day shy of his two-week birthday.  I don’t know how many of you have been around newborns but I can’t say that the umbilical cord is the greatest thing to have to work around.  It’s kinda gross and delicate and while changing diapers/clothes all you want to do is try and make sure you’re not going to rip it off his little body.  Now that it’s gone, things are a little easier when getting him changed.  Plus, his little belly is so much cuter now that he has a belly button!!

Because of the cord falling off, we were able to give the little tyke a “real” bath.  We pulled out his whale bathtub, filled it with warm water and cleaned him up.  He was NOT happy.  As you can see by the video below, Louis spent more time screaming than he did enjoying the warmth of the bathwater.  I’m hoping one day he grows to love bath time (fingers crossed)!

Lately we have been learning some lessons about the velocity and range of little boy’s pee.  Yesterday was a lesson learned twice, haha.  During his bath, he got me pretty darn good TWO times and Bennett and I both have been peed on enough that we are a bit more prepared.  It’s funny because we’ve heard about a billion different stories from other parents but apparently we needed to learn this one on our own.  A little pee never hurt anyone, right?

And I can’t officially have a blog post if I don’t include a photo of our sweet little boy, right?  Here he is, snuggling with Daddy yesterday morning.  If you can’t tell by this picture alone – Bennett is really in love with our little kiddo.  I get all sappy whenever I see him doing thing like this (kinda like I am just by looking at this picture).  I am truly blessed with a partner like him.IMG_0616