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We (heart) gDiapers!

Katy McKinleyComment

A few people have asked us how our cloth diapering adventure has been going and I figure that it’s about time we let the world know.  WE LOVE IT!  We’ve been using gDiapers since the first day we brought Louis home and they are pretty fabulous.  We chose this particular brand of cloth diapers because it gives us a hybrid option – we can use cloth inserts while we are home and disposable biodegradable inserts while we are out and about.  So far it’s been great.

We’ve only run into a couple of bumps in the road but they’ve all been due to human err and not to the actual gPants themselves.  While my mom was here visiting, she even admitted that she had her doubts about the diapers but left being incredibly impressed with them.  She thinks we should even find a way to promote them in our area so other people learn about them.  It’s so eco-friendly (which is why Bennett loves them) and they’ve saved us a ton of money in diapers (which is why I love them).  It’s for the cheap AND Earth conscious people out there.  What’s not to love?  Plus, we haven’t even had the slightest hint of diaper rash on our little guy.  They are so soft and gentle on his little tush…not to mention super cute!  I always forget to take a picture of him in the gDiapers, hopefully I’ll remember to do so soon.

This past weekend has been a big one for Louis, as far as meeting people for the first time.  In total, he’s been able to meet Eric & Katie (who drove in from DC for the weekend) and Rae Lynn & Jill (who made the trip from nearby Pennsylvania).  Everybody fell in love with the little tyke and he fell in love right back.  We were really glad to have been able to see everyone and spend some time with them, it made for a really nice weekend.



We had a big weekend for football as well.  YAY!  Both of our teams won!  The Mountaineers played on Friday and won in overtime, after giving the entire state of West Virginia a heart attack.  AND, if you can believe it, the Steelers played today and won in overtime as well.  Talk about two stressful games to watch all in one weekend! Sheesh.  I’m happy that we’ve got some “W”s to our names but it’d be nice if they could just outright beat their opponents and save the drama.  Katie and Eric watched both games with us and Katie was certain that Louis was our good luck charm.  If that’s what it takes, we’re making the kiddo watch every game from here-on-0ut.  Haha.


After all of our weekend visitors, Louis and I were pretty worn out.  Mid-day napping is even more enjoyable when you have a super cute little boy to snuggle next to.  His onesie even said “Snugglesaurus” on it -- perfect!