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Fall(ing) in Love.

Katy McKinleyComment

I simply love fall.  LOVE it.  The colors, the smells, the cooler weather, the flavors and of course...the Mountaineer football.  The West Virginia mountains provide for an amazing scenery during this time of year and we simply cannot get enough of it.

We had perfect weather this weekend and decided to take advantage of it -- obviously working our outdoor time around the WVU football game on Saturday.  Saturday was our first 80-degree-in-October day and we took Louis out for his first pumpkin patch experience.  There is a farm just across the border in Ohio that sells amazing fresh produce and we thought it'd be a better place than any to search for our perfect carvers.  We also made sure to grab a big bag of delicious apples.  Yum!


Louis slept pretty much the entire time we were out there but I suppose that's better than crying the entire time.  Haha.  We made sure to pick out a teeny Louis-sized pumpkin.  The Wheeling McKinleys have a date set for our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza...so pictures will be posted with all of our beautiful finished products.  I can't wait!!


On our second day of beautiful weather, Bennett thought it'd be a great idea to take Louis out for his first hike in the woods.  We hope that he will develop a deep love and appreciation for the great outdoors like we have and starting him out at seven weeks old is giving him a pretty good head start.  It just so happened that by the time we got ourselves together, Louis needed to be fed.  Bennett plopped down on the bench, in the middle of the woods, with the creek flowing next to us and fed the little stinker.


Louis looked like quite the hippie, fully equipped in his bucket hat, peace sign onesie and sandals.  I personally loved the look on him.


I suppose it's a better time than any to put a picture of someone other than Louis on here.  Haha.  Our poor dogs have been photographed just not blogged about lately.  Sheesh!!  George and Maeby loved the opportunity to explore in the woods with us and they enjoyed the hillside and creek as much as we did.  Probably more!


George Michael was quite the daredevil while climbing on fallen trees that were precariously strewn across the creekbed, several feet from the ground.  After shooting this picture, Bennett thrust the camera at me and ran toward George...worried that he was going to try and jump from that height.  Fortunately he is quite nimble and was able to turn himself around and get safely to the ground.


Ahh...if only we could have more weekends filled with beautiful weather.