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Happy Halloween!

Katy McKinleyComment

We’ve been busy, busy, busy since the last time I wrote on here.  This weekend was especially full of non-stop moving…and I am completely exhausted from all of the happenings.

David and his campaigning team did a “Rock the Boat” bus tour on Saturday for the last big hurrah before voting on Tuesday.  They toured ten cities in West Virginia’s 1st District and literally were traveling the state for twelve hours.  It was a big day.  We tagged along for the first stops in Wheeling, Moundsville and New Martinsville and then surprised everyone with driving down to Morgantown for their final stop of the day.  Louis was a trooper to the maximum but getting him in and out of the carseat so many times wasn’t easy for him.  He had a big (and kinda rough) day  yesterday and I’m sure he was happy when we finally  made it home and stopped moving around so much.

I made Lou a hat just for the occasion and received plenty of compliments.  I thought the elephant was fitting for Halloween weekend AND his Republican grandpa’s campaign.  IMG_0392

Bennett’s sisters are both in town right now and I’m sure David is happy to have all four of his children together during the last leg of his congressional race.  I know Bennett and I are happy to have been able to spend some extra time with the girls so far (and Louis is happy to have finally met his Aunt Elizabeth).

For Halloween tonight we were at Mary & David’s house and were able to see Davey and Annie in their costumes.  Wolverine and Belle were the highlights of my night. :)

IMG_0607 IMG_0608

When we got home, we gave Louis a bath and took some pictures and video during.  He LOVES baths and showers.  I am so happy that I’ve got a waterbug on my hands.  (I’ll try and upload the video tonight/tomorrow…)IMG_0627

Happy Halloween everyone!!