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I’m in Trouble Now!!

Katy McKinleyComment
My only excuse is that I’ve been too busy with crafting to even think about getting on a computer while at home.  Plus – we’ve had our computer set up in our living room on a stand that is waaaay to small for it and no better place to use the mouse than on my own lap.  Yesterday, Grandma Mary and Papa watched Louis for us and Bennett and I got to go work and set up a new office for ourselves in Willow Glen.  I have to say that I will probably be spending way too much time in there.  But I’m okay with that. :)

I haven’t posted any pictures in forever, so I suppose it’s about time.  We spent another Thanksgiving down in Canaan Valley with the Gerkin/Gerkin gang and had a wonderful time.  It’s too bad that we can’t do it more often.  Thanksgiving every month??  It was our first time to be spending more than a couple of hours away from home with the new baby and I’d have to say that Louis did wonderfully.  He was such a sweetheart and I’m pretty sure that everybody fell in love with him.  I mean – he’s too cute not to!
The first night that we were there, the Gerkins celebrated David’s win by getting him a cake and singing “For he’s a jolly good fellow”.  It was very sweet.


Thanksgiving dinner was AMAZING (as was all of the food served over the mini-week) and we certainly came home with full enough bellies that we probably didn’t need to eat for the next two weeks.  As we do every year, everyone donned their paper crowns from the poppers that Mary gets and we managed to make it small enough to fit little Louis’ head.
Here’s a great picture of the four people that bring all of us together every year for the festivities.  Some pretty great siblings if you ask me!

This picture was taken on the very last day as Bennett and I were packing up.  Between the feasting, scrabble games, baby hogging, WVU football, puzzles and overall family time – I think is safe to say that Louis was WORN OUT.  Too cute.