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More hats down, more to go…

Katy McKinleyComment

I thought I’d try my hand at blogging the hats I make as I go.  Sometimes it’s more fun for me to talk and talk and talk than to just put up a picture.  Haha.  You decide.

00130 - Elephant-itis00131 - Draco

Here are two of the hats I will be sending out to Jessica tomorrow morning.  They’re headed your way, girlie!!  She ordered the “Elephant-it is” and “Draco” (my newest critter) for her super, duper adorable little cousin.  When she tried to explain who these would be for, she had to go no further than tell me he was the little guy stealing the spotlight on the dance-floor during their wedding.  If only I could learn moves like that…

I’m hoping Jess decides to send pictures of the little man my way! (Hint, hint…)

00132 - You're a Hoot00133 - You're a Hoot

These two “You’re a Hoot” hats are headed to their new homes with Colleen.  She was patient enough to let me get through the Christmas rush before ordering and I hope I haven’t disappointed! Again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get some sort of photo proof that these little owls find a home on some cutie-pie’s head this winter.

I’ve got more hats to get to – but I thought I’d at least share these so far.

I’m also working on getting the final information stomped out for the “Caps for Chemo” promotion we have running in February.  Britnee at Saigebrush Photography and I are going to be BUSY.  Eek!!