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New year, new experiences, new blog post…

Katy McKinleyComment

I’m sad to admit that my first blog post of the new year hasn’t been until eighteen days into January.  Life has been whizzing by us and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  Louis will be 5 months old tomorrow AND it’s 2011??  Oy vey…

I’ve recently had to put a restriction on my blog posts for security reasons.  Someone in our family decided to become high profile (haha) and now we’re just taking a few extra measures to keep information a bit more private.  Obviously if you’re reading this you’ve figured out how to become one of our readers.  And by those means, I suppose I should try and blog more often.

So let’s see…what has happened since I last wrote on here?

We spent Christmas in Michigan with the Boltzes this year.  Louis was an amazing sport and traveled the nine hours it takes to get to Cadillac without giving us too much trouble.  It was nice to see all of our Michigan family and we also got to spend some time with Sierra & Nick while up there.  Louis was introduced to four of his uncles, his grandparents and his great-grandparents.  That’s a lot of people for one little kiddo to take in!  (I just keep thinking about how many hugs and kisses he’s going to be getting from the Brockway clan during Sierra’s wedding!!)

MaKale was cute with Lou – cute but a bit jealous because he wasn’t the littlest one in the house anymore.  Every time he saw Louis being carried around, he wanted to be carried.  When he saw that Louis was using his high chair, all of a sudden a big boy chair wasn’t what he wanted anymore.  Haha.  It was very cute.  He wasn’t upset, MaKale just wanted to be the one that all of the attention got thrown to.  I don’t think he’s very used to having someone younger than him around his house.


New Years Eve was spent between our home and a friend’s in Wheeling.  Josh Cook went to high school with Bennett and has been temporarily in Wheeling – luckily we’ve had plenty of chances to spend time with him.  One of those was at his annual NYE party, where we dropped by to see everyone that was in attendance. 

It has been a harsh realization that nobody actually cares to see Bennett or me anymore.  We walk in the door and someone snatches the baby…most of the time without saying hi to us.  Haha.  We are just background actors anymore.  I understand why, though.  Louis’ cuteness takes the cake!


On January 5, we headed to Washington, D.C. for David’s Congressional Inauguration.  That’s right, folks.  You are reading the blog of an official congressman’s son & daughter-in-law.  Hehe.  I’m fully aware that it doesn’t make me any more important, but it is neat to have a first hand education on governmental proceedings.

It was a heck of a day during the actual swearing in.  We got to check out David’s new office, we walked underground tunnels between the Capitol Building and the House offices, we took a picture with the new Speaker of the House – all while being surrounded by the entire McKinley family.  I was exhausted (and my feet were killing in those heels) but it was such a neat thing to experience.  I don’t know of many people that get to do what we did that day.

newspaper picture

There is a better picture of this floating around somewhere.  Somehow The Intelligencer (our local newspaper) only had this one…where the children are all looking different directions and Elizabeth, Jim and Jackson are completely cut out of the photo.  Hopefully we get the official copy of this one soon.  I would really like it!

When I have the chance I will load some videos of our little guy on here.  Louis is growing and changing so much every day and it’s a beautiful thing.  Some of the videos we have are simply hilarious.  He’s quite a talker now and we’ve got video footage of his first spoon fed foods that had me giggling a lot.  I’ll get to it, I swear!!

Until then, I hope that everyone is doing well!  Love to our family and friends everywhere!