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Two more down!

Katy McKinleyComment

This morning, I had the privilege of hand-delivering hats to some of my co-workers.  It’s fun to see first-hand reactions when I give people their new ‘creations’. 

00144 - Sock Monkey00146 - By Any Other Name

These “Sock Monkeys” have been really battling it out with the “You’re a Hoot” hat for popularity.  I may just have to do a count one day to see which one has been ordered the most. 

I’m personally in love with this “By Any Other Name” hat.  (Get it??  It would smell just as sweet…a Shakespeare shoutout.  Haha.)  My partner-in-crime came up with this color combination for a photography prop and I feel like I could make a million of these for sweet little girls to wear around.  Plus, I’ve got a purple obsession so it’s a winner for me on all accounts.

I’m on a mission this weekend to finish ALL hat orders that have been sent my way in the month of January.  Maybe I’m feeling a bit ambitious…but I’d really like to clear some room for “Caps for Chemo”.  February is only FOUR days away!!