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Gone but not forgotten…

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I know that I’ve been absent for a little while as far as posting is concerned and I probably should apologize for it.  I’ve been busy with ‘Caps for Chemo’ orders and have been dealing with a 6-month old at home who decided to be sick.  Ugh.  Is there anything worse than a sick baby?  I’m having a hard time coming up with something….

Anyway, here are the updated hat photos that I haven’t posted yet.  Some may have made their way onto Facebook, I can never be sure what I do/don’t list on there.

Wendi M. from Waterford, MI ordered this ‘Awesome Blossom’ hat for her daughter.  She’s already received it and posted a picture of her sweet little one stylin’ in it – thank you so much for sharing the photo!  The second hat was actually a special donation.  Apparently Wendi knows a little girl up north that is going through some treatment herself and she asked if we could send the donation hat to her.  I thought it was a really special request and I simply could not say no.  So now two little girls in northern Michigan have matching hats. <3

00168.00169 - Awesome Blossom

Valerie M. from Wheeling, WV ordered a different style than what I’ve made before.  She’s actually living in Texas at the moment and didn’t have much use for something to keep her head too warm.  So she went ahead and challenged me with this ‘Don’t Slouch’ hat.  I’m wondering if I’m stylish enough to wear something this trendy?  Haha…

00149.00150 - Don't Slouch

Stephanie F. from Massillon, OH was another special donation of mine.  She ordered two hats with their duplicates, only to keep one for herself and send the other three to chemotherapy patients.  What a sweet gesture!! Thank you so much, Stephanie!!  I created the ‘Cream Puff’ and a ‘Cozy Cap’ for her.

00186.00187 - Cream Puff00188.00189 - Cozy Cap

And the last of my recently-completed CFC hats goes to Emily F. from all the way down in Florida.  She allowed me to be a little creative and I thought (since Florida is MUCH warmer than it is here in the winter) she might want something a bit lighter.  So I made the ‘Awesome Blossom’ in a couple of shades of blue.  I hope you like it, Em!

00159.00160 - Awesome Blossom

And now – a few to share that aren’t related to Caps for Chemo…

I have a photographer friend at WithAVue Photography that has been SUUUUUUPER patient with me while I’ve been trying to wrap my head around CFC.  She waited long enough for her order to be filled and will be receiving all of her hats soon enough.  I’m just looking forward to the photos of the little stinkers wearing these!  They are on their way first thing tomorrow morning, Jen!

00137 - Knot Normal00138 - Knot Normal00139 - Knot Normal00140 - Mary's Lamb00141 - Mary's Lamb00142 - Football Star00143 - Louisville Slugger

And for the final reveal (drumroll please):

My friend from high school requested a very special hat.  I put it off and put it off because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to accomplish what he wanted.  Well, folks….here it is: a bearded hat!  If you look on Katy’s Creations on Facebook, I’ve posted a photo of myself in it that I snapped with my phone.  Pretty ridiculous but I think that’s why he wanted it in the first place.

00185 - Bearded Hat

So that’s all I have to share for now.  I know it’s a lot to handle in one post but I figured if I didn’t get it out now, I never would.  Us multi-tasking mothers really need personal assistants, don’t we?

I’ve posted information about the raffles in March on Facebook but I will try and give more information in a post on here.  Hopefully we can drum up enough interest for a raffle to be worthwhile.