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Happy Heart’s Day!

Katy McKinleyComment

I didn’t anticipate writing on the blog this many days in a row…but here I am.

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope that it was spent with the ones you love and that nobody overloaded on too much candy.

Tonight I finished a hat for ‘Caps for Chemo’, but with a bit different circumstances surrounding it. Jayme M. used to go to high school with my brother and she has very recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. I thought I should take the initiative and send her a hat to help cheer her up a little bit during her treatments. The ‘Cozy Cap’ is appearing to be a bit more purple on my screen than it is…the yarn is actually a beautiful blue. I hope she likes it, all the same.

00161 - Cozy Cap

I’ve also put an extension on my due dates for CFC. Any hat ordered today and on won’t be guaranteed for delivery until March 31, 2011. I’ve had an amazing response to this promotion and I don’t want to make promises to people that I simply cannot keep. I hope you all understand!