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Oh the excitement!

Katy McKinleyComment

Caps for Chemo is taking flight!  I received an email late Wednesday night from a reporter at my local CBS affiliate TV station.  She said that she’d received a tip about our hat donations and wanted to talk with me about it.

I’m so super excited that I can’t stand it!  Tomorrow I will be heading into the station to promote my little hat business AND shed some light on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in my area.  How awesome is that??!!

I am registered as a team leader for the annual ‘Light the Night’ walk in the Wheeling area so I am also on the LLS email list.  This is what I received tonight in an email from them (how exciting!):

I’ve also been cramming late nights into my schedule to get some hats done.  I’ve got six half-finished ones on my desk but I thought I’d post a picture or two of the hats I’ve just completed.  Kacie C. out of Mount Pleasant, Michigan ordered these two (as well as some others I’m hoping to finish this weekend).  I think they turned out pretty well and I’ve just added TWO more hats to my ‘to be delivered’ pile for CFC.
00125.00126 - Cream Puff00157.00158 - Lady Bug
The “Cream Puff” is for Kacie herself but the “Lady Bug” is a new design that she’d requested for her cutie-pie daughter.  I hope it’s what you were thinking it would be!  Thanks for participating Kacie!