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Bring on spring!

Katy McKinleyComment

I am fully aware that spring isn’t here quite yet, but we LOVE days where we can take the dogs outside, bundle up our little guy and enjoy the weather.  Today was one of those.  His bucket hat is perfect (or will be) for warmer days because it allows for face and head cover but we didn’t think he’d be warm enough in it.  So we put on his penguin critter hat and strapped on some new, super cool shades that his momma bought him and headed outdoors.

I’m excited for spring and summer.  I think everybody is though…so it’s hardly a shock when I say that.  I think outdoors time is going to be even more fun this year because we have a little one to explore with.  He’s not quite walking yet, but I’m sure he will be by the end of summer.  Oh my gosh – to see the world through his eyes will be amazing!


Don’t you just want to squeeze his chubby cheeks??  Mommy and Daddy sure loved their time outside with the little bug.


We are headed out the door here soon to have some dinner and quality time with David, Meredith, Davey and Annie.  It’s a good thing, too – because they live in the same town as us and we haven’t seen them in FOREVER.  I guess that happens when people are busy…but that needs to change real quick here.

I thought I’d end this by sharing a really cute (but maybe naughty?) picture of Louis.  He has been OBSESSED with cups and bottles.  I mean obsessed.  If you have one in your hand and are within Louis’ reaching range, you had better beware.  I think he is just realizing that there is another world outside of bottles.  We’ve been working with him on sippy cups, but I’m wondering if maybe a beer bottle would be easier?  Haha.


We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and I promise that I will be updating this as often as possible.  I feel like such a slacker lately!