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If there were more hours in a day…

Katy McKinleyComment

…I would have way more hats finished than this.

Oh my goodness.  I never knew how much time I would be spending (or that it would take) to finish all of my ‘Caps for Chemo’ orders.  I owe a huge “THANK YOU” to all of the people that have been incredibly patient with me during all of my efforts.  I have some pretty awesome fans/customers.

Here are the most recent hats that I’ve finished but failed to share on this blog:

Candy S. from Cadillac, MI ordered a total of 3 '”You’re a Hoot” owl hats.  Thank you so much for your order and donation, Candy!

00214.00215 - You're a Hoot00216.00217 - You're a Hoot00218.00219 - You're a Hoot

Megan G. from Big Rapids, MI ordered my classic white “You’re a Hoot” hat for her son.  Both Megan and Candy have already received their hats and have sent me pictures of their kiddos sporting them.  Check out my facebook page and take a look at their beautiful children wearing my caps.  Thanks, Megan!

00220.00221 - You're a Hoot

Robin K. from Cadillac, MI has ordered (and hopefully received!!) two hats for the ‘Caps for Chemo’ promotion.  For her and her daughter, I made a “Black Beauty” and “By Any Other Name” (in pink).  I think they’re pretty sweet and I’m excited to see what they think of them.

00222.00223 - Black Beauty00224.00225 - By Any Other Name

I am working very diligently on my first round of order deadlines this weekend.  I’ve got about twenty hats that I’m hoping to finish (or at least make a great big dent in).  So if I’ve contacted you in the last few days, I am getting to your orders!

I also wanted to add that my family has been glued to the TV (and internet sources), keeping up-to-date on the happening surrounding the tsunami and quakes.  Our hearts go out to those affected and we keep hoping that this ends soon and mending can begin.  Things like this make me feel so helpless…