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Less talk, more Louis!

Katy McKinleyComment

I just thought I’d post some things that I think are super cute of our little Lou. 

First would be this great photo of him, after he had his first taste of butternut squash.  We are continuing to try different foods with Louis and so far, so good.  Well…with the exception of carrots.  He GAGGED when he ate carrots.  But we are even planning on trying those again sometime soon.  We’ve at least learned that he loves the squash!


The second (and last) thing to share tonight is a video that we shot of him the other day.  I have to say that he’s acting more and more like his momma as the days go by.  The kid won’t be quiet!  He talks and talks and talks and talks…most of the time he’s getting nowhere in his conversation with himself.  Haha.

It’s adorable.  And we also think that he’s learning to master ‘Da’ pretty well now.  I’ve stopped being upset that he’s not going to say “Mom” first, and I’ve just become excited that he’s forming sounds that he hears. 

Chatty Louis

As always, hope that everyone is enjoying their evening.  Tonight, a special shout-out goes to my gorgeous Aunt Vicki and the entire Harris clan.  We love you guys!